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Currently because of Covid-19, Advent is not hosting Community Dinners.  


A Coalition of Westminster churches have been preparing and serving free dinners on Thursday once a month over 11 years. All our neighbors are invited to the Community Dinner on the first Thursday of each month, served at 5:30pm.

*       1st Thursday of each month:  Advent Lutheran Church, 7979 Meade St., 303-428-7501


*       2nd Thursday of each month: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3990 W. 74th Ave., 303-429-8508

*       3rd Thursday of each month:  Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3990 W. 74th Ave.,  303-429-8508


*       4th Thursday of each month:  Westminster United Methodist Church, 3585 W. 76th Ave., 303-429-1569


*       5th Thursday of each month: 3990 W. 74th Ave., 303-429-8508

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