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Paul Cook: President/Personnel
Jesse Hammer: Vice President/Personnel/Memorial
Jill Hartmann: Treasurer/Finance/Stewardship
Tom LaRose: Secretary/Property/Stewardship
Ryan Beach: Finance
Warren Blair: Finance
Maren Blair-Scarborough: Worship and Music
Sandi Bordner: Memorial/Finance
MaryAnn Bradley: Youth and Education
Christina Meier:   Youth and Education
Al Muniz:  Property
Karen Trinidad: EEET/Care Team/Social Outreach

Click here to view the 2021 Constitution

Click here for the May 2023 Meeting Minutes
The minutes will be formally approved and amended at the next council meeting.

Click here for the May Treasurer's Report

Other committee meeting minutes:
Music and Worship Committee August 2023 Meeting Minutes
The Council of Advent works to support the Mission of Advent, “So All May Know Christ’s Love.” By:​
  • Ensuring a responsible and trustworthy organization by faithfully doing the business of the congregation. This includes overseeing the business of the church ethically, responsibly, and with integrity.
  • Leading the congregation as representatives of all members, envisioning long range planning and settings goals and priorities in an open, inviting environment.
  • Ensuring the Constitution of Advent is a living document and is followed and updated as needed.
  • Supporting and aligning the identified Advent Ministry Initiatives.
  • Providing oversight, monitoring and approving the work of all Committees and our budget and
    staffing to support the ministry of Advent.
  • Providing clarification for the congregation on issues that come before Council and the
  • Council members will be ambassadors and role models for Advent through participation,
    encouragement, being open, friendly, welcoming, and compassionate.

Council Mission Statement

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