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Social Outreach


The Advent Social Outreach team organizes events that benefit the local community, and national and international efforts in humanitarian support. Throughout the calendar year, the team leads and participates in various fundraisers and "drives" which allow Advent members to share in giving, along with operating a food bank for the surrounding area.

Christmas Giving Tree

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Giving Tree event. Advent is collected Christmas gifts and clothing for 20 children of families from Gregory Hills Early Learning Center. 

Thanksgiving Baskets:   

Thank you to everyone who donated food and funds for the Thanksgiving baskets. We were able to provide 30 baskets to families of students at Gregory Hills Early Learning Center.


The Food Pantry is just one many programs at Growing Home that help to strengthen families and nurture children.  While the Food Bank provides for immediate needs, their other programs provide counseling and other resources to their clients to ensure long-term family stability and child development.

 Mission Statement

Advent’s Social Outreach team strives to share the hospitality and warmth of Advent with others so “All
May Know Christ’s Love”.  The team organizes events throughout the year to so members of our
congregation can share their blessings with those less fortunate.
Our team is always looking to do more for our local neighbors in need. Through programs like the food
bank, the annual school supply drive, the coat drive, and the ornament tree that provides gifts for
children who might not have any on Christmas, we hope we are making life a little easier for our
immediate community.    

We also strive to care for our brothers and sisters in the Rocky Mountain Synod and throughout the
world who are served by the E.L.C.A.  We hold an annual fund raiser to provide ELCA global gifts and
encourage Advent members to contribute to Lutheran World Relief. Christ tells us to take care of our brothers and sisters.  The Social Outreach team provides the opportunities for members of Advent to give to those who need to know that Christ and their neighbors care for them.


Did Santa get a new Sleigh?  No, those are the many gifts, organized by family, in colorful bags and headed to Gregory Hills Learning Center!

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