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We are needing some help with worship assistants!

You can sign up to be an usher, a lector, or an assisting minister if you are trained or would like to be trained! You can sign up for just one week, or as many as you want.  For more information about these volunteer positions, see the links below.

How to Sign Up

Enter your name, email, and phone so that way we can contact you about any changes in plan, questions, or other events to sign up for! Then put which event you are volunteering for in subject. In the message box, add what shift/time/responsibility you are doing (i.e. Subject: Vacation Bible School Message: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday as an adult volunteer. I can also provide dinner on Tuesday for the counselors). Below are our upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Success! Thanks for volunteering.


Altar Guild                         Council Member                      EEET Member                       Finance Comm.
Audit Team                        Choir and Handbell               Greeter                                    Usher

Lector                                   Worship/Music Team          Personnel Comm.             Property Comm.
Social Outreach             Stewardship Team                Mutual Ministry                 Synod Assembly Rep.

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