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Suggestions and resources to provide spiritual ways to lift your mood during this challenging time

Serenity Prayer

Many people use the "Serenity Prayer" as a method of centering prayer or to calm themselves in times of stress.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 

    Courage to change the things I can, 

    and the wisdom to know the difference.

Daily Practice of Gratitude

Rev. Michael Guthrie - Morning Mindfulness:

A study from 2005 found the daily practice of gratitude impacted both the levels of the participants' happiness and depression. The practice is called 3 Good Things. Take time today to observe and identify 3 good things that occur, big or small. At the end of the day, reflect back, taking 30 minutes to write down those three good things and why they happened. This will help you reframe your day, move past the negative experiences and emotions you're holding on to, and embrace the most positive, good experiences of your day. Developing this as a daily practice is guaranteed to make you more resilient.


The Labyrinth at Advent can be used for personal prayer and reflection even though the building is closed.  There are benches around the perimeter for anyone to use.  We appreciate social distancing and wearing mask if others are present.

You can also use this link to a Virtual Labyrinth.


"Now and Then" Podcast

Don’t miss this week’s Now & Then timely and engaging interview with John Dear – a peace activist jailed more than 80 times, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, author, and good friend of Henri Nouwen’s.  Listen to the Podcast

JB Shreve and the End of History

This podcast is about Biblical perspectives and considerations regarding major issues of the world. From Jill Hartmann: I’ve been listening to this approximately 15 minute podcast about faith during this pandemic it has really helped me.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Brene is a noted Sociologist who speaks about things to remember as we are locked in the house with our family.


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