Youth and Education

"Youth ministry: we're not in it for the income, we're in it for the outcome." We take pride in how much our children learn and grow during their time here. We learn about God and how we can serve, and play and have fun. Advent hosts Vacation Bible School, family game nights, lock ins, and service projects. Join us!

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Advent Sunday School

Sunday School is canceled because of Covid-19. We look forward to bringing classes back when it is safe to gather again. 


Online Sunday School

Sparkhouse / Augsburg Fortress is releasing free Sunday School materials every Tuesday for family Sunday School. This includes video, Bible study based on readings from the previous Sunday, illustrations, music, and more!

Click here for the page link.

Faith Finder Fun

Below is the YouTube link for Faith Finder Fun, daily activities for kids from Minnesota pastors. There's Backyard Monday, Treasure Tuesday, Creative Wednesday, Science Friday for school-aged kids. You can subscribe or find them on Facebook.


The confirmation class meets with Pastor Barb on Wednesday evenings and has up to 9 members involved in their activities.  Contact Pastor Barb if you have a youth interested in confirmation.

Mission Statement

Youth and Education furthers the mission of Advent Lutheran Church ‘so all may know Christ’s love’ by:

  • Providing Sunday School and Confirmation classes.

  • Scheduling faith-based activities and service projects that help strengthen relationships within the congregation and the surrounding community. 

  • Developing leadership skills by encouraging and welcoming youth of all ages to participate in the
    day-to-day life of the Church.

  • Committing to a consistent and thoughtful program that provides staffing, both volunteer and/or paid, to plan, fundraise, and execute all education and youth activities.


Vacation Bible School