Stewardship sometimes sounds like a pitch for money, but really it is about us as people.  All we have comes from God, who gives us 90% expecting us to return 10% in service to others. We encourage everyone to prayerfully give to the ministry at Advent Lutheran. Begin with an amount you can remain faithful with throughout the year.  If you have a passion about stewardship, talk to a member of the Stewards' Team at Advent or Pastor Barb about getting involved.  For a faithful guide to stewardship click here! 



After careful consideration of the submissions for next year's theme, we have chosen the statement listed above for Advent's 2021 Stewardship Team, which was inspired by Mary Ann Bradley. Her contribution included the following ideas: 

1. Present for Advent                         
2. A Presence for our Future                     
3. Presently Grateful

Follow this link to make your 2021 pledge




Thrivent Choice Dollars

Are you a Thrivent Member?  

The Thrivent Choice program encourages benefit members to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes an amount of its charitable grant funds.  Members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations such as Advent.  You can easily make an online personal donation. Locate Advent in the Thrivent Choice catalog. Then, on the organization details page, click on the "Make Personal Donation" button.

A Preview of our Brochure


Click Here for access to the brochure pdf.

Mission Statement 

The Stewardship Committee helps to further the Mission of Advent: “So all many know Christ’s love” by
providing the major fundraising campaign for operational funding of our congregational mission
activities. Our work provides a structured annual appeal, ingathering, and ongoing awareness of the
congregation's funding needs to ensure our members and guests know the status of the target needs,
funding income, and how it is used in a top-level view.
We do this by:

  • Developing an overall theme and goals for fundraising each year

  • Conducting the annual appeal and ingathering of commitments

  • Providing thank-yous and periodic stewardship impact reports to the congregation

  • Developing ministry initiative areas for emphasizing increased needs for the future

  • Providing estimates of giving to Council for budget planning purposes

By fulfilling our mission we support the other ministries at Advent so they can accomplish their missions
without concern for raising funds to support their activities.