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Excitement and Empowerment Team

EEET works on finding ways to build and strengthen the relationships within our congregation.  The team is also focused on Evangelism -encouraging people to visit and inviting new members into the congregation.  


EEET will spend this year helping each of us FIND our story, TELL our story to each other, and finally INVITING others into our story. Click here for the April meeting minutes. 

If you would like to help EEET find creative and meaningful ways to do this, consider joining us on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  We would love your insight, ideas, and energy.  We currently meet on ZOOM.  Contact  Denny Thompson for a link if you'd like to join us.



The Triple E Committee helps further the Mission of Advent: “So All May Know Christ’s Love” by planning seasonal activities to engage the congregation to participate and enjoy their worship experiences. This committee strives to gain and retain membership interest in Advent Lutheran Church and connection amongst members. Witness this by:

  • Promote a friendly atmosphere to welcome new visitors and hand out information about our congregation.

  • Peruse new undertakings to group our memberships (Block Party, internet visibility, door
    hangers, etc.)

  • Plan pot luck congregational lunches for special occasions.

  • Support Community Dinners.

  • Update our social media with pictures and words.

  • Review and encourage feedback of events.

The goal of the EEET Committee as the name implies is to promote Evangelism, generate Excitement and Empower the congregation to support the Mission of Advent.

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